The service has an experienced team who identifies each person’s individual support needs and prepares a programme tailored to meet those needs.


The service assists people to make their own choices in areas that will affect their lives.This may be the type of job they have, the type of home they live in as well as the type of people they live or socialise with, the type of medical treatment they may choose or the type of religious or political following they may prefer to adopt.


The service will support people in their own home either living by themselves or sharing with others. If a person requires a higher level of support they may be supported in one of the group homes run by the service.

Fun and Recreation

People in the service are assisted and encouraged to live as full a life as possible and to enjoy a wide range of recreational and sporting activities. Activities may vary from "at home hobbies", attending or participating in active sports or visits to the theatre.


Support and education will be provided to people to ensure a healthy and safe lifestyle. Each person’s individual health and welfare needs will be catered for, and appropriate community services will be obtained for each person to meet those needs.